January 2nd, 2014


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I’ve been told there’s something really good cooking in Terminal # 5 at the LAX Airport and not only does it taste good, but every order is served with a catchy side dish.

It’s called “Rock & Brew Concert Bar & Grill” a Rock & Roll-themed restaurant managed and operated by Crews of California, a retailer that has stores in airports nationwide. Crews of California along with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the famous 70’s heavy metal band “KISS” have paired up to bring LAX patrons good food with a side dish of rock and roll.

lax_sliderThe grand opening in Terminal # 5 took place this past October and gives travelers the opportunity to sit and dine or grab and go. The food is said to be very tasty with a pretty decent presentation. The menu is sizable and offers all the traditional finger foods like wings, pizza and burgers, but also has something for those of us counting calories like several choices of salad. They even have a breakfast menu with dishes like eggs Florentine and Frittatas.
grub laxAnd what’s a good meal without something to wash it down with, well a variety of beers, wines and specialty drinks can help calm your nerves before or after a flight. And if that’s what you need, then believe me Rock and Brew is in no way lax on providing several kinds of drinks to choose from.

the brewEven better, if you’re a Rock & Roll fan or in need of a quick gift before leaving town or upon your arrival, this eatery has hats, t-shirts, shot glasses and even Hello Kitty KISS dolls to grab and go, with prices starting around five bucks, which is actually pretty affordable for an airport retail spot. To check out more about this place, click here.hello kitty


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