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Conquering the Fear of Flying

December 17th, 2013


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You’ve played the scenario over and over in your head. You pull into the airport parking lot, check your luggage, pass through security and make it to your gate on-time, then reality kicks in as you realize the very thought of getting on the plane causes a lump in your throat. You now nervously consider other alternatives to reach your destination. The problem is you can’t drive to Hawaii.

Fear is a feeling or condition of being afraid. It’s an emotion that can emerge from impending danger, evil or pain and this can happen rather the threat is real or imagined. But you don’t have to allow fear to stop you from the trip of a lifetime. Nor do you have to spend unnecessary time and money looking for alternative ways to travel. There are some great tools that may help you have the right mindset and courage needed, when its time to fly. Continue reading