Luggage Theft- A Growing Epidemic in Airports Nationwide

February 27th, 2014


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Luggage theft increasing at US airports. No hope in TSA or airline companies to help any time soon.

Luggage theft increasing at US airports. No hope that TSA or airline companies will help any time soon.

This subject has always interested me and I am glad we are finally having this conversation. Luggage theft among Airports in the US is increasing and we are starting to hear the voices cry for help. Airline companies and TSA officials have failed to secure travelers’ belongings at the baggage claim leaving their items up for grabs by potential thieves. This strikes me as funny considering the airlines charge you for “taking care” of your luggage, and yet care very little about its returning to you, “the passenger.” With all the new laws going in effect soon, such as lax airport police having the right to ask you for your travel details while standing around waiting at the airport, it is not promising that we can see some action taken to reduce the threat of luggage theft. This is a serious issue folks. Think about the luggage full of gifts during christmas, or that $1,000 piece of designer luggage you saved to buy. Point is, nobody is going to reimburse you for your loss. So what can we do about it? Here is a list of 10 things we can collectively do to avoid these situations.

1) Try to ship important items you want to your destination, leaving only clothes and toiletries in your luggage.

2) Try not to travel with fancy suit cases.

3) Clearly label your bags.

4) Try to be at the baggage claim area before the bags start to drop for your flight.

5) Do not store gold or jewelry in your checked bags. Ever!

6) Wait in front of the conveyer belt for your luggage.

7) Be vigilant and look for anybody suspicious.

8) Don’t be naive when traveling. The airports are scanning every single person for a reason. Use common sense.

9) If you see somebody taking your luggage, do not attempt to fight them for it back. Tell the nearest airport police or airport official.

10) Travel as light as possible, and only carry things you really need. You know who you are and what I am talking about!


Watch the full length video on Sean Maxwell and his multiple conviction for luggage theft here.

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