LAX Parking rates, coupons, and deals!

March 2nd, 2014


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LAX Parking

LAX- Los Angeles International Airport.

Planning a trip through LAX can be tricky. From the parking to the security lines, LAX can prove to be a tall mountain to climb. Of course we have our LAX “regulars” who are accustomed to the hustle-like LAX culture. But for the millions of “once a year” travelers and “first time flyers, traveling through LAX can be a challenge. Many factors make LAX one of the busiest airport in the world. To start, LAX is very small for the number of travelers it serves. LAX serves approximately 61 million travelers per year. This demands LAX to run ultra efficient in order to keep business moving day in and day out. LAX parking is a big part of this process. For being one of the busiest airports in the United States, LAX does not have nearly enough parking lots to handle the amount of travelers. I personally managed parking lots in LAX for 15 years and I can tell you guys, it is no joke. During Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, LAX turns into a madhouse. In 14 years of managing airport parking lots in LAX, I can tell you that the demand outweighs the supply at times making it a real hustlers business. In this article I hope to shed some knowledge on the best LAX parking rates, coupons, and deals no matter what time of season.

LAX Parking

Terminal 1 at LAX busy security checkpoint line.

-Cheapest LAX Parking…..

Contrary to what might one think, parking at lax is actually quite affordable. In comparison to other major cities like New York or San Francisco, LAX parking is the cheapest by far. The average price for one day is around 10 bucks. It makes for a real chess game between lots; managing their rates daily and seasonally as they hope to maximize their space and revenue. Here are the cheapest places to park at lax from my personal professional experience.

1) Sam’s Parking- Average daily rate for outdoor self parking $5-

2) The Park at LAX- Average daily rate for outdoor self parking $6.95-

3) Park Place at LAX- Average daily rate for outdoor self parking $6.95-

There are a few more parking lots in the same price range, but these guys have been around for a while and have been the only companies I’ve seen expanding and not going out of business.

Then you have your Hotels. Hotels have a big role in the airport parking game. Their prices are a bit high, between $10-$15 for outdoor self parking. These guys are usually your last resort. During the holidays, you can expect to pay no less than $20 per day.

Your major players come next. You have Wally Park, The Parking Spot, and Park N Fly who all have prime locations with dozens of shuttles. The problem is they charge top dollar. On the flip side to that, they offer parking deals, coupons, and promotions. . The Parking Spot, 105 Parking, 405 Parking, E-Z park all have parking ranging from 14-22 dollars per day. Depending on the type of parking you are looking for, you can look to pay average of 15 dollars per day.

LAX parking

Take an additional 20% off of LAX airport Parking

-The real way to travel in and out of LAX……

Most of you probably haven’t heard of these guys, they are what I think of as a diamond in the rough. Airport Valet of LAX is actually the fastest way to park your car. They are a 24 hour curb to curb valet company. You literally just pull up, a valet jumps in and you are in LAX within 1 minute. On the way back your car is delivered in 5 minutes. Now this service comes with a pricetag of 24.95/day, but for those millions of business travelers who waste their time missing flights due to laggy shuttles, check Airport Valet out.

-LAX Parking Deals…..

To start, for all you once in a blue moon travelers who have their vacations planned months in advance, do your research. Checkout,, and for the cheapest deals lax has to offer bar-none. If you book months in advance, you will guarantee your rate for around 6-8 bucks for sure. Do not just drive to LAX and look for a spot. Parking lots are sharks and can smell you from a mile away. Make a reservation, print it if you can, and you should be golden. Lots tend to get significantly higher priced during the above mentioned holidays, so for those of you planning holiday travels, look into parking as soon as you book your flight; It can be the difference of you paying 4.95/day and $35/day at the actual terminal. Print any coupons that you find and try to use a place that has a rewards or incentive program. Most of these lots offer free parking rewards programs. Lastly, park at a place whose price is transparent. Reserving a space through one of the above mentioned websites offer all inclusive parking rates making your “LAX Hustler” experience a bit more bearable.

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