Conquering the Fear of Flying

December 17th, 2013


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You’ve played the scenario over and over in your head. You pull into the airport parking lot, check your luggage, pass through security and make it to your gate on-time, then reality kicks in as you realize the very thought of getting on the plane causes a lump in your throat. You now nervously consider other alternatives to reach your destination. The problem is you can’t drive to Hawaii.

Fear is a feeling or condition of being afraid. It’s an emotion that can emerge from impending danger, evil or pain and this can happen rather the threat is real or imagined. But you don’t have to allow fear to stop you from the trip of a lifetime. Nor do you have to spend unnecessary time and money looking for alternative ways to travel. There are some great tools that may help you have the right mindset and courage needed, when its time to fly.

1. Make use of the technology in your hand

As we approach 2014 the FAA has announced it plans to lift the ban that forbids the use of certain electronic devices like tablets and mobile phones throughout a flight. So, if your favorite video game, movie or app has a way of making you feel cozy and comfortable, why not take advantage of its affects and replace the thoughts of fear with something else. In fact, there are apps like Fly4Life that are designed specifically to help people with a fear of flying.

2. Get the facts

Remember knowledge is power and it’s the kind of power that can help conquer fear. Learn all that you can about flying. Check your local airport’s website for facts and safety tips. When making reservations ask if there are any services or recommendations available for people with a phobia of flying. Even your local airport-parking professionals may have some booklets on the subject. Search for testimonials of people that once had a fear of flying. If you find something inspiring, take it with you and read it periodically during the flight.

3. Make new friends

Even if your not the sociable type, everyone can use a little support when feelings afraid.Try making small talk with the passenger seated closest to you. A friendly smile can go a long way. Most people don’t mind the occasional chit-chat from the person their going to sit by for a few hours. It also helps to share your fear of flying. You may find one of two types of people seated by you. The old veteran that has been flying for years or the rookie that is either just as nervous as you or one full of excitement and views the trip as an adventure. Regardless of which type of person it is, you may find the comfort of the veteran empowering or the fear and or excitement of the rookie inviting since you’re no longer alone. Either way, enjoy your flight and be determined to conquer your fear.

L. Todd

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