Airport Parking or Door to Door Shuttle?

November 19th, 2013


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I constantly get the question, ‘Why pay for airport parking if I can get a ride for less?” Well that is a great question. Here is a quick list of reasons why airport parking sounds like a better deal.

1)   Price
This is peoples biggest concern. Despite what most people may think, it sometimes is cheaper to park yourself, rather than paying for a ride both ways. This all depends on the city/airport and the distance from the airport you are willing to park. But for the most part, airports typically have many offsite parking lots that offer very affordable rates. You might want to visit to search for the cheapest deals in your area before purchasing a ride.

2)   Reliability
I hear it over and over again, shuttles run behind, wait for others, and sometimes don’t even show up. While it might sound like a good idea, you might want to look into a service that provides guaranteed pick up and drop off times. Otherwise, should look for a lot that is 24 hours and just drive yourself.

3)   Flexibility
With shuttle services to and from the Airport, you are at their digression. You cannot turn around if you forgot your cell phone or passport. Similarly, if your flight is delayed or cancelled, you are out of luck.

4)   Safety
Shuttle drivers are often in a hurry. They have many people to load up before heading to the airport.  And despite what we may think, many of them can be reckless drivers leaving you nervous the entire ride. Not to say all shuttle drivers are crazy, but with people running late, agitated with slow drivers, you might find yourself on a roller coaster ride to LAX.

5)   Worth the savings?
Average ride to LAX is about $20 bucks each way. So for about $40 bucks you can get 4 days of parking. If you plan on traveling for weeks or months, it might be worth is. If you are traveling for a week or so, you might want to check local parking rates in your airport. You might be surprised at the money you think you are saving.       In my experience, people who park their own cars are much happier than those who get rides through shuttle services. This has a lot to do with the fact they don’t have to rely on others for rides, ask for favors, or depend on unreliable shuttle services. If it is a trip you can afford to miss, you should try it out, otherwise think about driving your own car. I have taken both shuttles to the airport and parked my own vehicle. In my experience, parking your own vehicle is a lot more convenient and cost effective if you are willing to do a little research. I hope this post helps you decide which service is right for you.

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